Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Green Bay Doyles

The Green Bay side of the Doyle family comes to visit Mal, Rose, and Tinny for a few days. Not only does their arrival lead to a general state of chaos, but cousins Bob and Doug insist on 'helping' with the Doyle's current case. Tinny is particularly upset by this turn of events because as the oldest 'child' she has been in charge of keeping the other children in line, an undertaking that is almost impossible.

Amazingly, the bumbling and incompetent Bob and Doug, through a series of accidents and mishaps, do manage to assist Jake and Mal in the solving of their case. A new level of tension arises among the townie and bay Doyles when Doug and Bob feel as though they are owed money by Jake and Mal for their work on the case.

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