Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Doyle to America

After years of unsuccessful mating attempts Mal sends Jake to the wilds of Queens (New York) to find himself a suitable bride/lady PI partner. Since Mal doesn't trust Jake to actually find a suitable partner he sends Walter along to supervise the hunt.

As soon as Walter and Jake step out of the subway station and onto the mean streets of Queens they realize that they are a long way from the Goulds and the Mount Pearl curls of their youth. Of course Jake being Jake, they soon spot a potential quarry. While tracking the potential bride they are reported as stalkers and arrested by the NYPD hottest cop, Elaine Murphy.

Jake and Walter, in a half-hearted attempt to retain some self-respect, do not reveal their true identities or the nature of their mission to the arresting officer. Instead, they hope to take Queens (and, as it turns out, the heart of the arresting officer) on their own terms.

Much to everyone's surprise, particularly the father of the NYPD's hottest cop, Elaine and Jake soon strike up a relationship (all the while Elaine doesn't know that Jake is actually a PI on a mission).

Walter soon tires of the grind of being an underpaid illegal immigrant in New York and convinces Jake return to St. John's with Elaine in tow.

Almost immediately after she arrives Elaine realizes that not only does she not really understand what people in Newfoundland are saying, but that Jake is actually a lowly PI. Upset at being so effectively deceived Elaine immediately hops on a return flight to New York and leaves Jake for good.

Fortunately for Jake Leslie is still hanging around and quite willing to allow herself be seduced on a somewhat regular basis.

Lure of the Labradoyle Wild

While helping Tinny on a school essay on the classic novel, Lure of the Labrador Wild, Jake and Malachy become inspired to recreate the treacherous journey.

Of course, never having actually read the book, Jake decides at the start of the journey that the food and hunting equipment is far to heavy to carry across Labrador's interior and chooses to leave it all behind about a half hour into their trek. After days of wandering around in circles without a map and eating nothing but pea meal and hardtack, the Doyle men are forced to stew their boots in a struggle against starvation. This inevitably leads to severe frostbite - something that Jake would have known about had he hired a local guide to accompany them on their journey.

Just as Jake and Malachy are ready to take their last breath, Leslie spots the two from a Search and Rescue helicopter. While Jake ends up losing his legs to gangrene from the knees down, he is still able to show Leslie that his "manhood" is very much intact.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hudson's Bay Doyle

After a middle of the night break-in at the Salmonier Nature Park Jake and Mal are hired to find the park's missing beaver, hopefully before the animal is killed for its pelt. A pair of well-endowed game wardenesses accompany Jake across the province as he tracks the kidnappers so that they can take custody of beaver as soon as it is found. As it happens, on a few of the nights it is pretty cold so Jake and the wardenesses have to find a way or two to stay warm. In the end everyone forgets about the missing beaver and just goes home.