Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Doyle: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

CSIS assigns the Doyle's a tricky new case that requires them to covertly surveil the world's most expensive gem - which just happens to be inside a bank vault on Water Street.  At first the Doyles are stumped, they just can't figure out how they will set up surveillance on the gem without making themselves known.

After a few sessions of brain storming Des figures it out.  If they temporarily turn Des into a ghost he will be able to enter the vault and watch the gem undetected.  Of course, close watch will need to be kept on Des's body so that he can be revived before it's too late.

Just after Des sees the prospective thief Jake happens to meet a pretty new morgue attendant.  It's not long before Jake is more interested in the pretty lady than reviving Des.  Fortunately for Des, at the last minute Rose and Mal come to the morgue and revive Des.  Jake and the hot missus tumble out of the broom closet just a Des regains consciousness.

Mr. Saturday Doyle

As an old man Jake looks back on his time as a young PI.  Jake flashes back to a few of his more exciting GTO chases and his best bedroom-based conquests.  For some strange reason the technical details of the cases seem to elude him, as do any memories of Mal or the other Doyles.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Doyles

After running into trouble for illegally detaining a perp, Jake and Mal are taken to task by the RNC.  Jake, convinced that he is suffering a miscarriage of justice, decides that if pleading the 5th isn't an option for him (he tried that first), he will somehow try to get out of trouble by making use of the all powerful 'not withstanding clause.'

Jake is super bummed when he learns that even governments can't use the notwithstanding clause on the "Everyone has the right not to be arbitrarily detained or imprisoned" clause and that a person can't take advantage of the notwithstanding clause at all.  What a tease.

Anyway, at least during the proceedings there was another hot crown prosector for Jake to seduce.  All is right with the world, even if Jake does now have a criminal record.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The 40 Year Old Doyle

After going home alone on the night of his 40th birthday party Jake enlists Des to help him find his missing sex appeal.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


In this episode, despite his best efforts and a massive social media campaign, Jake is unable to get anyone to catch #doylesanity.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Flag Doyle

Jake decides to get to the bottom of Newfoundland's questionable flag.  Jake also wonders if there isn't a way to switch in the green, white, pink as Newfoundland's flag without City Hall noticing.

Dress your Doyle in Corduroy and Denim

While going undercover work a case relating to academic irregularities the Doyles all have to adopt the dress habits of contemporary university students - they an wear nothing but corduroy or denim.  Mal's bellbottoms give him away as a non-student and the case is blown.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Doyle and Fries

Jake sits at his kitchen table and quietly munches on a large plate of fries with ketchup.

Will Jake manage to finish the whole plate? Are the ladies buying his new "strong, silent type" image?
Will Jake's abs go on strike over this sudden influx of saturated fat? McCain Foods bought the episode, but in a stunning twist Proctor & Gamble bought the last scene, so Pepto Bismol saves Jake from an upset tummy.

Bored to Doyle

For as long as he can remember Jake's romantic interests have complained that he is too tied up in his work as a PI.  He's always racing around town at odd hours and is far too spontaneous.

On a whim, shortly after being rejected by Leslie because of such tendencies, Jake decides to submit a few short stories to the Newfoundland Quarterly.  Even though he claims to be nothing more than an enthusiastic amateur his contributions are accepted for publication.

Before he knows it, Jake can't stop writing.  Even worse, he keeps getting published.  It's almost as though he can't be rejected.  He starts to think that writing may be his true passion and that the only justification for his continuing involvement with the detecting industry is to provide him with plot lines and character outline (and maybe with access to contemporary drug slang).

Of course even though Jake has taken up the staid, even reclusive, life of a modern fiction writer to be more appealing to women they don't seem to notice the change.  Even worse is that many of them don't even believe him when he tells them he is now a published author.  They can still only see the old Jake, the incorrigible, insensitive PI.  His troubles, and written output, continue unabated.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

This Side of Doyle

Walter, having a lot of time with the Doyles, starts to think that he may have a squatter's claim on being a Doyle.  To demonstrate the validity of his claim to the Doyle clan Walter decides that instead of forwarding a juicy case to the Doyles he will do with the investigative work himself, though with some assistance from the masterful Des.

With Des covering surveillance for him while he is in court, Walter soon feels as though he was made to be a PI.  The ladies keep coming his way and he can't stop finding clues (even if they are just played out Nevada tickets that aren't really related to the case).

This start to go awry when Jake starts having a hard time keeping Walter on the phone.  Jake decides to set up surveillance on Walter to find out what's going on.

Jake's investigation is slowed down by the fact that assigned the actual surveillance duties to Des, who had no interest in letting his boss know that he had been moonlighting and 'borrowing' equipment.

After a few days of disappointing results from Des, Jake decides to have Tinny surveil Des.  Soon enough the whole scam falls apart and Walter and Des's ploy is uncovered.  Of course, Jake also has to step up and help Walter our as he hadn't really made progress in the investigation (a particularly troubling situation as Walter had opted to be paid in advance).

The Curious Case of Benjamin Doyle

Doyles being Doyles it's hardly uncommon for Jake or Mal to run into someone claiming to be a relation of theirs.  While most of these instances of claimed familial association are entirely imagined, from time to time there is some truth the claims.

Not too long ago Jake was stopped on the street by someone claiming to be his long lost brother, Benjamin Doyle.  Of course Jake was somewhat skeptical as he didn't recall ever having heard about Benjamin, or even know how he would have come into existence.

After Benjamin explained to Jake that he was the result of a brief but intense love affair between Mal and Benjamin's mother while Mal was stationed with the RNC on Fogo he went on to claim to have been blessed with some of the families detecting gifts.  Benjamin claimed he was so good that the only crime committed on the island were the bootlegging he did from the mainland, he had everything else under control.

As Jake was in the midst of a tough case at the moment he invited Benjamin to join the investigation, though with the agreement they wouldn't let Mal or Rose know about ol' Benny's origin story.

And, then, as suddenly as Benjamin appeared he disappeared, never to be heard from again.  Given the complexity of the case and that Jake no longer had a detecting partner he was unable to make any more progress and had to hand things over to Tinny and Des.

The Eighteenth Doyle of Louis Napoleon

As soon as news spread  that a megalomaniacal former premier had claimed for himself the long moribund Newfoundland crown and had subsequently proclaimed himself The Honourable Protector and Saviour of Newfoundland the Doyles quarantined themselves in their super-secret bunker.

The Doyles, being an old Newfoundland family that predated even the days of Dominion status, were not going to stand for such a state of affairs.

With Walter acting as a messenger and lieutenant (pronounced the American way to increase the show's chances of syndication) the Doyles begin to muster their troops.  Doyles from all across the province, and even a few from Ontario, make their way to St. John's where they will receive their directions from Jake and Field Marshall Mal.

In the concluding scene, the Battle of Confederation Hill, the Doyle forces overthrow the pretender to the crown.  As thanks for their salvation, the people of Newfoundland crown Jake and Mal joint Honourable Protectors and Saviours of Newfoundland.  They also agree to create the Royal Order of the Doyles to honour those Doyle who fought for the freedom of all Newfoundlanders.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mr. Doyle's Opus

For as long as he can remember, all Mal has ever wanted to do is solve one really big case by himself.  Of course, as is the case for most people, the necessity of providing for his family always meant that he had to take jobs that paid regularly or quickly.  It didn't help that whenever he made a bit of headway Jake would screw up in such a way that would send him back to square zero.

What Mal didn't realize is that while he was solving these small cases he was making a difference in the lives of the residents of St. John's.  There was less theft, there were fewer drug pushers, and maybe even a few less murders.

Mal couldn't see any of the good he had done.  All he could see was that he hadn't cracked a big case - everything was just small potatoes.  All he'd managed to do all these years was keep his head above water.

Just when Mal was almost ready to accept that his life had been a failure and that cracking that big case would forever be out of his reach Rose and Jake called Mal into the office.

What Mal saw when he entered the office was a spider web of string and photos stretching all the way across the room.  It didn't take Rose, Des, and Jake long to start explaining what they had done and why Mal was involved.

It seems that all of Mal's little cases, those same cases that he had despised for so many years, were related to a Moriarty-like figure who had been at the epicentre of crime in St. John's for years.  Without all of the leg work Mal had done catching the small guys the pattern at the heart of the St. John's crime world would never have emerged.

It just took someone else to see it first and then Mal was able to accept that his life really had been worthwhile and that he hadn't been wasting all of those years just working on small cases.  Mal was much easier to live with after this revelation.  Jake, due to his meagre contribution to the case, on the other hand, became insufferable.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Jake, after reading many unsatisfying PI books, decides that the situation in crime fiction has reached a breaking point.  With Des's help Jake sets up a ACOA funded literary journal dedicated to exclusively publishing short stories about Canadian PIs written by Canadian PIs.

Jake immediately has four of his stories accepted for publication and is on his way to the bank to deposit his honorarium cheque when it is discovered that his 'stories' were nothing more than touched up versions of stories from the local paper that had detailed Jake and Mal's exploits.

When the AG eventually got around to investigating the matter he recommended that in the future literary journal start-up funds only be given to those literary journals that have more accessible mandates.

Doyle of Hate

Mal, worn down by his many years in the detecting racket, begins to hit the bottle pretty hard.  Soon he's not just hitting the bottle hard, but also other Doyles.

Fortunately the insights Des gains from his Newfoundland Literature course at MUN allow him to see that what is really going on. Mal is acting out a living homage to the Percy Janes classic House of Hate.  Jake's some rotted when he finds out it was because of some book that he had to take a bunch of beatings off the old man.

The Elements of Doyle

This episode eschews the narrative format that has thus far constrained the show and gives the viewer a sense of Jake and Mal's rules of and approach to detecting.  Of couse the best part about knowing the rules is that you also know how to break them.

Twelve Angry Doyles

While sitting around the table making saucy comments at a family reunion the Doyles and Des have to use all of their available deductive and inductive detecting skills to determine the culprit behind a string of recent robberies.  At the the end of the meal they give Leslie a call and tell her who dun it.