Thursday, November 10, 2011

Memorial University of Doyle

After a few years in the private detecting business Jake realizes that it's about time he started imparting his wisdom in the next generation of private detectors. Young maleable minds as might be found in a university seem as though they might be a good place to start. Jake approaches the local university about teaching a class in their criminology program. Much to Mal and Rose's surprise, the university take's Jake up on his offer.

As it turns out, Des and Tinny, as recent high school graduates, end up taking Jake's class as part of their first year electives.

The class starts quite well with the ladies appreciating Jake's beautiful eyes and the gentlemen really liking Jake's feats of derring-do.

Things start to go awry when Jake begins to suspect that one of his students has hacked into his computer and stolen his test answers and is distributing them to the class.

With Des and Tinny's help Jake constructs a sting operation and identifies the thief, though they are only able to apprehend the suspect after a long and arduous chase scene that takes them through the entire MUNnel system.

With the case solved and the criminal in custody by CEP the three PIs decide to have a celebratory drink at the Breezeway (instead of their normal haunt).