Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Doyle for Brains

After Jake crashes yet another sweet GTO and gets hauled in to the cop shop for questioning. The local cops and reporters, consequently, start using the phrase "Doyle for brains" whenever someone does something a little dense a la Jake Doyle.

Of course that Jake is at the heart of this embarrassing flare-up doesn't do anything for his reputation with his family members whose name is now being dragged through the mud. In an attempt to make amends with Mal, Rose, and Tinny Jake decides to find out who first started using the term and then to stomp out all subsequent uses.

Jake's blundering investigation just leads to more arrests and even more frequent use of the term. By the time Jake eventually gives up his quest to stomp out the term it is frequently used on Nightline and basically every other call-in show in the province every time someone wants to criticize the government of the day.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

On the Doyle

Jake and Walter hop in Jake's classy blue GTO and head for the open road. As they make their way back and forth across the island they meet interesting people and learn more about themselves than they ever hoped to know. In each town they visit they also solve small mysteries that ingratiate them with the locals.

When they eventually arrive back St. John's Jake and Walter should be more enlightened people, but instead they decide to shelve the whole enlightenment thing and go for a few pints at the Duke.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Doyle At Any Speed

While Jake is on an ill-advised booty call someone nicks his sweet GTO. Because Mal had warned him about rendezvouses with this particular lady Jake is disinclined to mention the problem to his father or the police and convinces Des and Tinny to help him find the car while they pretend to work on another case. The duplicitousness of their dealings leads them into many humorous situations as they try keep Mal and Rose in the dark.

Not surprisingly, the episode ends with fantastic parkway-based chase scene that leads to the destruction of the GTO but the capture of the perp. In true to life moment, one of the RNC cars chasing the GTO ends up in Rennies Mill River.

Of course instead of giving up booty calls with questionable women Jake just uses the less-desirable-to-thieve surveillance van instead of his newly refurbished GTO.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Got To Get Me Doyle, B'y

Jake Doyle goes undercover as player on AHL team to stop Premier from moving team to mainland.

Submitted via Twitter by KKellyNFHerald.