Friday, June 3, 2011

Doyle At Any Speed

While Jake is on an ill-advised booty call someone nicks his sweet GTO. Because Mal had warned him about rendezvouses with this particular lady Jake is disinclined to mention the problem to his father or the police and convinces Des and Tinny to help him find the car while they pretend to work on another case. The duplicitousness of their dealings leads them into many humorous situations as they try keep Mal and Rose in the dark.

Not surprisingly, the episode ends with fantastic parkway-based chase scene that leads to the destruction of the GTO but the capture of the perp. In true to life moment, one of the RNC cars chasing the GTO ends up in Rennies Mill River.

Of course instead of giving up booty calls with questionable women Jake just uses the less-desirable-to-thieve surveillance van instead of his newly refurbished GTO.

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