Monday, January 31, 2011

A Million Little Doyles

After getting his life back on track and his addictions under control Christian realizes that all along he has been fated to join his father and brother in the family detecting business. Fortunately for him, as demonstrated with Des, experience is not considered during the hiring process.

Christian, like Jake, seems to have something of a zipper problem, leading him to bungle his first case. Jake and Mal have to step in to clear matters up and keep Leslie from throwing him in the slammer.

As it turns out, maybe Christian wasn't actually fated to be a PI?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bon Cop, Bad Doyle

While on vacation on the Southern Shore, Jake uncovers a sophisticated smuggling ring from St. Pierre. An offshore boat equipped with a catapult fires cartons of cigarettes onto the beach, and Jake takes a carton of Player's Lights in the head. While Jake recovers, the intended recipient drives up on an ATV, and makes off with the goods. Jake tracks the smugglers to a Discotique on Miquelon, where he gets his dance on. His moves attract the attention of a gay mime named Lucien who has info for sale on the smuggling ring. One striptease later, Lucien's info leads a sexually confused Doyle to the smugglers, and a boat race ensues. The smugglers catapult dead fish at Jake's boat and blast annoying Great Big Sea songs to dissuade him. The chase ends at the old French Fort in Placentia when the smugglers are tripped up by an innocent bystander, Liz Chafe. Jake catches the smoke ring, and recruits Liz to St. John's to work at The Picadelly. Jake tells her "The Pick" is perfect for the "Placentia Bay Hot."

A Doyle in King Arthur's Court

Jake and Des travel back in time to help unravel a plot to assassinate King Arthur. Des quickly adjusts to the time period and begins to compete in medieval jousting tournaments. Jake becomes disappointed when he is forced to go undercover as court jester in order to find King Arthur's assassin. A misunderstanding causes the Black Knight to challenge Des to duel to the death. Will Des defeat the knight and win the hand of the Princess? Will Jake find the assassin before it's too late? How pissed will Tinny be if Des hooks up with a girl who is "medieval hot"? How the f!*k do they keep going back in time?

Nancy Dunne

Nancy is a 10-year-old amateur sleuth from St. John's. Outspoken and authoritative for a girl of her age, Nancy proves to be a worthy rival for Jake.

Nancy Doyle

As Jake investigates a series of petty thefts in St. John's, 10-year-old Nancy Dunne begins popping up at every scene and solving cases before Jake can say "Oh Yeah!". When a dangerous serial killer is suspected to be on the loose, Jake, feeling threatened by the young Nancy, challenges her to a winner-takes-all investigative showdown.

Murder She Doyle

Jake and Malachy find themselves scared to be in the presence of author who seems to leave in her path a trail of death and destruction. Despite their best efforts to sic Leslie on the author, she continues to follow them around and provide strangely helpful insights into their cases. Rose and Des, though scared for their lives and draped in garlic, are pleased to have finally met their literary hero.

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Doyle

Jake says "Screw it," and decides to go without a shirt for the entire episode. The world immediately becomes a better place and all crime vanishes. This episode comes with drool protectors for those who think they will need them.

Saving Private Doyle

Jake's weird British car is in the shop for some expensive repairs. He has to take a cab out to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Mount Pearl to investigate a ring of employees suspected of selling fake IDs to minors. At the DMV, three saucy, local youngsters trick Jake out of his cab money home. With the bus service on strike, Jake resorts to selling his body on the corner of Commonwealth Avenue in return for a ride home.

The first driver that stops, Walt "Labatts" Whelan, is known to Jake and wanted for numerous crimes, but Jake is reluctant to make the arrest due to the embarrassment it will cause him at the station. On the other hand, it might get him a drive down "hot cop road."

(see an actual episode: Popeye Doyle).

Doyle: Pig in the city

A flashback episode that cuts between the cases that caused Jake and Mal, respectively, to leave the RNC.

Oh, what a Sunny Doyle

A shirtless, and pant-less, Jake is lying on a deck chair with freshly greased up abs. All the while his are abs gleaming like crystal in the sun.

The sounds of a camera's shutter alert Jake of someone else's presence, and the fact that someone likely now has pictures of his hot bod. Jake needs to get the pictures.

When reaches the location of the photographer he finds only a used lip balm tube and a pack of matches. After Jake gets Leslie to get him a trace on the lip balm he is able to figure out where it was purchased.

Only after staking out the lip balm purchaser's house does Jake realize that the photographer was actually the hot Crown prosecutor he has a thing for. After she is confronted about the photos, the Crown prosecutor admits that she was the photographer and that she was only taking the photos because she is into Jake and his hot upper body. Jake lets it slide, as long as she promises to keep the photos to herself. Jake also tells her that because she has seen him naked she owes him the return view. She agrees to oblige.

Indiana Doyle and the Lacrosse Game

Jake joins a local lacrosse league. His team, The Rock, play the Bandits, a team with a reputation for playing dirty. The Bandits have booby-trapped the Rock player box, and the team must contend with king cobras, giant rolling stones, and aristocratic Nazis. On the sidelines, Malacky runs an investigation into the illegal import of reptiles and fascists into Canada, and discovers beautiful ref Cindy Mahoney is somehow involved. Jake scores four goals to lead the Rock to a hard fought victory. When the snakes bite the nazis, Jake and Malacky decide they can overlook the charges on the grounds that Cindy is "Newfoundland hot."

Valentine's Doyle

Dey all dies. It's sad. No one's happy. Love doesn't even enter the equation.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Turkey Club on Doyle

After visiting a cafe and paying for his meal with a credit card Jake becomes a victim of credit card fraud. If the issue isn't resolved promptly Jake's credit history will be marred and he won't be able to get the mortgage he needs to buy a house. Not only does this case put Jake in touch with a network of waitresses, but he also gets to meet some of St. John's toughest bus boys. With Des's help Jake is able wangle a confession out of the culprit. The confession allows Leslie to file the police report in time for the issue to be resolved before Jake's mortgage is negatively impacted.

Sherlock Doyle

When a highly organised criminal force suddenly seizes control of the city, the local radio late-night show begins receiving cryptic phone calls from a mysterious source named Moriarty. Jake and Mal are hired to fit the pieces of the puzzle together before Moriarty unleashes his "master plan". As days wear on, Moriarty, using his superior intellect, begins to publicly taunt the Doyles and their inability to uncover his plan. Frustrated that his talents are being wasted on Jake, Moriarty leaves the city in hopes of finding a nemesis of equal intellect.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Just Doyle It!

Tinny joins her high school rowing team only to learn that her team is being supplied with steroids by St. John's shadiest pharmacist. This news leads the Doyles into an investigation of the St. John's drug scene and, in just a few steps, the Mayor's office. Leslie is not impressed with Jake's continued meddling.

The Little Doyle's Room

Officials from the Village Mall approach Jake and Malacky about their suspicions that individuals are meeting in the Village public washroom to engage in sexual activity. In the course of their investigation, Jake and Malacky discover that in order to recognize each other, the individuals involved wear muscle shirts as a signal. When Jake hears this, he volunteers to go undercover to bust the ring. While Jake is setting the trap, Malacky gets distracted rocking out to the "Oh yeah!" theme song playing over the mall speakers, leaving Jake in a tight spot.

This Mortal Doyle

Malachy becomes severely ill after a blood transfusion. Jake must find out what's going on at Canadian Blood Services, and use his years of medical training (see: A Doyle on Both your Houses) to save Malachy. During the course of his investigations, Jake meets an attractive doctor named Marg Strickland. Dr. Strickland finds out Jake has access to a time machine (see: The Great Doyle of 1892), and schemes to go back to 1968, and assassinate Joey Smallwood before he can sign the Upper Churchill deal. Special cameo appearance: Premier Jean Charest's spies uncover the Strickland plot, and Charest intervenes to protect the Upper Churchill Deal. Now Jake must protect the crazy doctor as well, and Malachy's time is running out.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Watership Doyle

While on a routine surveillance detail, Jake comes across a traveling group of rabbits, lead by the brave Hazel, searching for a new home. Jake feels sympathy for the young rabbits and agrees to help them, not knowing that the group is being pursued by a tyrannical dictator, Woundwort, who will do everything it takes to prevent their escape. Jake easily takes down the dictator, using his superior human reflexes. Woundwort is never again seen or heard of by any rabbit, though his legend lives on in rabbit mythology. In a sub-plot, Des and Tinny help a field mouse name Fievel find his family.

Doyle gonna git you sucka

St. John's is struck with a rash of incidents of youngsters OCing (Over Chipping - i.e. eating so many chips that they die). While most people think of the issue as a public health concern, the Brotherhood of the Batter, the cartel of local fish and chips dealers, know otherwise. The problem chips aren't coming from them. Actually, they are hardly selling any chips these days. Someone is selling tainted contraband chips to the youth of St. John's.

To get to the bottom of the problem and to restore their past sales, the Brotherhood of the Batter president, Scamper, hires the Doyles to find the source of the blackmarket fi and chi. With every passing day the Doyles take to crack the case more youngsters fall victim to the OCing epidemic.

Eventually the Doyles realize that the case is too big for them and they are forced bring in a few other PI's from St. John's and the surrounding area. Randy LeDrew, a PI known for his aggressive physical tactics, agrees to help, but only on the condition that he gets to 'interrogate' the culprit as soon as they catch him. Ms. Smalls, Bay Bulls' brassiest lady PI, insists on bringing along her mindless sack of mussle, Beef. Finally, Carbonear's own Jerry Andrews (the long-lost brother of Duane and Curtis Andrews) agrees to help only if his brothers are allowed to follow him around as a backing band.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Jake's nerves are shot, so he takes up smoking a pipe to calm down. When it threatens to become a fad in downtown St. John's, radical members of an anti-smoking group target Jake for intimidation. Jake is forced to take his own case and track down the extreme elements of the anti tobacco movement. Jake begins to see a shrink named Barb Watson to find out why he began smoking, but Jake finds more than just good advice.

Trailer Park Doyles

Jake and the rest of the Doyle clan sense that something is up with their new neighbours. Eventually Jake recognizes Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles as the delinquent stars of a cable documentary series about incompetent pot dealers from a trailer park in Halifax.

Mal's initial attempts to have the Boys evicted fall on deaf ears. When Mal goes to the cops to see what can be done he is told that even though he knows the Boys have a history with drugs the cops can do nothing without evidence of wrong-doing.

Mal and Jake set about collecting evidence to prove that the Boys are up to no good.

After first thinking that the Boys might be able to provide her with advice and tips on the growing of pot, Tinny is eventually suspicious that Ricky may be thinking about trying to jack her upcoming crop. Tinny is then able to convince Des to help Jake and Mal collect evidence to help get the Boys evicted. The Boys being themselves eventually incompetently execute a crime and get in a shoot out. Eventually they are arrested and sent to jail.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Guys and Doyles

Jake and Malachy attend a charity Monte Carlo event put off by the medical school (flashback: A Doyle on both your Houses) and partake in some high stakes poker. When Jake meets a virtuous protestant named Charity, Walter bets him that he can't get her shirt off. Jake thinks he may fall in love, while Charity continues to reject Jakes advances, even after he shows off his abs. It looks like luck may not be a lady for Jake.

The Doyles of Justice

Two drug dealers come to Jake and Mal with a strange proposition - they want the Doyles to arbitrate a dispute that, because of the nature of their business, they can't take to the courts. Unlike a normal court case with a judge and jurors, Jake and Mal each chose one of the clients, they then investigate their client's story before coming a final settlement. Unlike Justice, the Doyle's aren't blind.

The Doyles that bind

Jake is fed of living and working with his father, he wants to go out on his own - in Halifax

Just days after finally getting up the nerve to actually leave and take charge of his own life Jake learns that Mal has had another heart attack and is the hospital. Upon returning hope Rose informs him that they are basically broke and that if Mal can't get back to work soon they will lose the house. Jake is torn between his new life in the big city and his responsibility to his father. Of course Jake realizes what he needs to do and goes into the office and starts to work on a number of his father's old cases.

While looking through his father's old records Jake finds one case that has been marked as complete but unpaid. Jake decides collect the unpaid debt, the only problem is finding the former customer.

A Doyle in the henhouse

Jake is hired by a convent to discover where their missing wine is going. While getting to know some of the nuns Jake is surprised to find a high school girlfriend among the sisters. Will Jake learn that his actions have impacts on others?

Doyle Becomes Her

Jake cross-dresses to get on the inside of a troupe of suspicious drag queens. To maintain his cover, Jake is forced to perform with the group and demonstrates his heretofore unknown ability to sing and dance. Leslie sees Jake's expressive side for the first time. Tinny, Des, and Mal can't stop making juvenile jokes about the fact that Jake is wearing pantyhose.

A Despot in the Republic

Alternate typography: A DESpot in the Republic

Des returns from a professional development course on self-defense and decides to take it upon himself to clean up crime in St. John's. When Jake and Mal realize that Des is the city's new vigilante they have to do their best to keep Leslie off his trail while trying to convince him to stop.

Brian Hanrahan

A high-achieving high school friend of Jake's. After leaving St. John's to go to university, Hanrahan went on to become a physicist and one of Canada's few astronauts.

T minus Doyle!

Brian Hanrahan is in town to give presentations about space to school children when his sample of moon rocks is stolen from his hotel room. Afraid that the loss of the precious rocks will upset NASA and cost him his position on the next shuttle launch, Brian contacts Jake to see if he can help him locate the stolen rocks. Things turn sour for Jake when Leslie becomes briefly, but deeply, infatuated with Brian.

This Hour has 22 Doyles

This cross-over episode with classic This Hour has 22 Minutes characters starts when Jerry Boyle comes to Jake and Mal with an accusation of political double dealing that he needs investigated and confirmed so that he can go public with the news. During the course of the investigation Marg Delahunty, Dakey Dunn, Joe Crow, Miss Enid and others appear in various capacities.

Million Dollar Doyle

An investigation into the gruesome death of a homeless man forces Jake to go undercover in the seedy world of bum fights.

Havin' a Doyle

In this cross-over episode with the Donnie Dumphy universe Donnie and the b'ys always visit the same convenience store to buy their bologna and packs of darts. The store owner suspects that the b'ys are walking out with a few unpaid for goods and decides to hire Jake and Mal to get to the bottom of it. The Doyle's wheeliest chase scene ensues.

Doyle Meat BBQ

Jake joins the veteran St. John's punk band Dog Meat BBQ only to find out that there is more than meats the eye in the fast growing punk community.

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Encyclopedia Doyle
A flashback to Jake at 15 while he solves his first case (and kindles a romance with Walter's sister). Jake uses Malachy's fingerprint kit and police scanner to track down a pack of youths from the Goulds who had been taking Jake's friends bikes for joyrides. Justice is served without dilly-dallying in the legal system - Whitbourne would have been a treat for these young offenders.

A Doyle on Both your Houses
The cast is stricken with swine flu, and Doyle decides he must go to med school to save them.

The Littlest Doyle
In this very special cross-over episode, Jake and Mal team up with the Hobo to investigate a sudden wave of dog-nappings. The case leads the team to the conclusion that the local animal shelter is not what it appears to be.

The Great Doyle of 1892
Doyle must go back in time to prevent the Great Fire. The fire breaks out anyway threatening to engulf his time machine, potentially trapping him in 1892. Doyle doesn't care, because he gets to take his shirt off in the fire fight.

X marks the Doyle
Jake and Mal are on the case when a treasure hunter goes missing off the coast of Cape Spear. Sexual tension builds between Des and Tinny as they spend close quarters in the QEII library when researching the history of piracy in Newfoundland, while Jake finds some "booty" along the way.

Meta Doyle

Jake realizes that his life is a television show. He has to figure out if he is fact or fiction. Is Leslie even a cop? Does this odd reality he finds himself in explain why she works on almost every case in St. John's? Because it only happened on the show, did he even actually divorce Nikki? Will he live through a cancellation?

Like never before, Jake's very existence is on the line.

St. John's Haunted Doyle

The night after taking some out-of-town visitors on the haunted hike Jake is met by one of the hike's characters in his dream. Night after night the character provides abstract comments about the nature of the historical crime that lead to their death. Rose and Mal are worried for Jake's health as he plods along with his 'imaginary' case. Only after he is able to convince Leslie to get approval for a major excavation, which uncovers a 19th century crime ring, do Jake's friends and family accept that not everything he had been saying for past month had been fabricated.

Black Hawk Doyle

Paddy O'Leary Jr.'s jet goes down in St. John's harbour. Paddy O'Leary Sr, convinced that his son was not actually on the plane, comes to Jake and Malachy for help locating his son. By flirting with private jet stewardesses Jake is able to undercover a world of shady dealings and high-class prostitution based in the private jet hangar at the St. John's airport. The plot thickens (as do the number of appearances of attractive stewardesses).

Paddy O'Leary

Reckless and handsome, the playboy heir to the O'Leary's Industrial Park fortune. Reported missing after his private plane turns up in St. John's harbour.

Offshore Doyle

Jake is hired by an oil company to go undercover on one of their rigs to investigate several incidents of sabotage. If Jake doesn't catch the culprit the rig might spill hundreds of millions of gallons of oil on the Grand Banks, wrecking the upcoming season's fishing. Mal, Rose, Tinny, and Des track down leads sent to them by Jake and are gradually lead to a radical environmental group that is willing to pay any price to see drilling stopped on the Grand Banks.

Don't Bite The Doyle That Feeds You

Tinny and Des, in an attempt to make a few extra dollars on the side to help fund Tinny's education, start poaching cases from Jake and Mal. When Jake spots Des using the surveillance van, things heat up, and Tinny decides it's time to move out of the Doyle residence but quickly finds herself in trouble with her new roommate.

Encyclopedia Doyle

A flashback to Jake at 15 while he solves his first case (and kindles a romance with Walter's sister). Jake uses Malachy's fingerprint kit and police scanner to track down a pack of youths from the Goulds who had been taking Jake's friends bikes for joyrides. Justice is served without dilly-dallying in the legal system - Whitbourne would have been a treat for these young offenders.

Driving Miss Doyle

Jake gets a DUI and has to be driven around town by Des and Tinny. Something something, they solve a crime.

Stop! Or my Doyle will shoot

For the first time since leaving the RNC Jake has a side-arm, though because of gun laws he isn't supposed to carry it around with him. Nonetheless, while leaving the gun club Jake happens to witness an armed robbery and decides to help rescue the victims. Unfortunately, shots are fired and one of the criminals is shot and Jake is arrested. With Walter's help Jake defends his actions and avoids prosecution, though not before creating a strange form of sexual tension with the Crown prosecutor.

From Russia With Doyle

After meeting Tatiana, beautiful Russian woman, at The Duke Jake begins an affair that threatens his future chances with Leslie. Mal discovers that Tatiana is a mail-order bride who ran away from the man she was originally sold to. Now Jake has to dodge the Russian mob who want to get Tatiana back at any cost, so that he can get Tatiana off the island where she will be able to start a new life for herself in Toronto.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Littlest Doyle

In this very special cross-over episode, Jake and Mal team up with the Hobo to investigate a sudden wave of dog-nappings. The case leads the team to the conclusion that the local animal shelter is not what it appears to be.

Doyle on the Ice

A hockey team's star player dies on the ice after being checked by Jake. The speed with which the player dies is suspicious, causing Jake and Malachy to set out to find the truth about the hockey player's death.

Doyle M. for Murder

The Doyles get a mysterious call in the middle of the night from someone who has clearly been watching their every move. The next day when they find the source of the call they also find the freshly killed body of their neighbour. Who from the Doyle's past is this set on revenge?

You're such a Doyle-bag

Jake interferes with Leslie's relationship with the Mayor, causing it to end. At the same time Jake needs Leslie's help with a tricky counterfeiting investigation.

Tracy Vatcher

A corrupt cop with a grudge against Jake. She just won't let his loutish behaviour go, and she will stop at nothing to make sure he eventually gets his just desserts.

Don't count your Doyles before they're hatched

Tinny and Des are busted on pot related charges by Leslie. Jake and Mal have to find a way to help them get back on the straight and narrow without making it seem as though they are getting special treatment.

Doyle Repeats Itself

Jake, with the police standing above him, comes to next to a recently killed individual. Through a series of flashbacks the course of events leading Jake to the body is revealed.

Doyle's Inferno

An insurance company hires Jake and Malachy to find out why so many of the new houses they are insuring are burning down. The path of shoddy workmanship eventually leads the Doyles to Ronny Harris, St. John's shadiest electrician.

A Whale of a Doyle

While aboard the Scademia Jake, Malachy, Rose, Tinny, and Des have to solve a murder committed by one of their fellow shipmates before the boat docks and they are all arrested and treated as potential suspects.

Ronny Harris

A meter by-passing electrician used by those looking to cut corners and costs when building homes.

Called to the Doyle

Walter is accused of professional malfeasance which might lead to him being disbarred if Jake can't come up with the evidence to clear his name by the time of the hearing.

Rhonda Rideout

The distraught mother of a hapless murder victim.

From Heart's Desire to Heart's Content

Maybe it should be: From Heart's DESire to Heart's Content

While tracking a gang mainland drifters across the Avalon Des is finally able to convince Tinny that he is the man for her. Meanwhile, romance continues to bloom between Jake and Leslie as they track Des and Tinny's travels from afar.

The Good, the Bad, and the Doyle 2

Doyle receives an invitation to ride one of the RCMP horses in the Canada Day parade.
However, when one of the horses is poisoned, and Doyle must chase the outlaw down.
Doyle does his best Clint Eastwood impersonation, but wonders why they are doing another episode about horses.

Cecil Noseworthy

A 70-something year old, no-nonsense, slightly racist librarian who causes trouble (in a comedic way) at the QEII.

X marks the Doyle

Jake and Mal are on the case when a treasure hunter goes missing off the coast of Cape Spear. Sexual tension builds between Des and Tinny as they spend close quarters in the QEII library when researching the history of piracy in Newfoundland, while Jake finds some "booty" along the way.

Everything you always wanted to know about Doyle but were afraid to ask

Jake's history on the force is discussed.

The Good, the bad, and the Doyle

The owners of St. John's largest country bar hire the Jake to work as an undercover country DJ while investigating the suspicious, and likely illegal, behaviour of the bar's other staff.

How many Doyles does it take...

The entire Doyle team works together to solve a case with grave consequences.

One Doyle Doyle Please

A two part season finale

Doyle goes to the Tim Hortons for a double double, but the Tim's is held up, and Doyle and other customers become hostages. The hostages must survive on tim bits, and by the end of the episode Doyle is reluctant to take his shirt off. (Contributed by Peter)

A Clockwork Doyle

Doyle must deal with "Gazebo Unit." A crowd of ultraviolent youths from Airport Heights. Doyle joins Metrobus on strike, claiming that his contract stipulates the show is only to be shot in: "the pretty part of town." (Contributed by Peter)

The Great Doyle of 1892

Doyle must go back in time to prevent the Great Fire. The fire breaks out anyway threatening to engulf his time machine, potentially trapping him in 1892. Doyle doesn't care, because he gets to take his shirt off in the fire fight. (Contributed by Peter)

A Doyle on Both your Houses

The cast is stricken with swine flu, and Doyle decides he must go to med school to save them. (Contributed by Peter)

A Doyle Divided

Doyle can't stand Alan Doyle's theme song, and schemes to have an "Oh Yeah!" dance mix made to improve ratings. (Contributed by Peter)

Doyle it Back a Little

Doyle decides to keep his shirt on for an entire episode. (contributed by Peter)

Wanda Murphy

A hairdresser suspected of engaging in shady dealings.

Bas Ryan

A prominent real estate developer who turns up dead.

Wherefore art thou Doyle

Leslie finally decides to take Jake back, even if their love is doomed. Their new relationship is tested by a case Jake and Mal are working on that interferes with a case Leslie is investigating.

A Doyle in the hand...

Tinny is left alone to investigate a case while Jake and Mal go camping/bonding before Malachy marries Rose. The only guidance Jake and Malachy can give her is over the phone.

Robinson Doyle

Jake, stranded around the bay, must use rudimentary tools to conduct his investigation into the theft of an entire community's supply of moose meat.

A Doyle is Forever

Malachy and Rose marry, though only after finding the stolen family ring.

The Tell-Tale Doyle

Jake gives Christian up to Leslie and then tries to clear his brother's name.

To Doyle or not to Doyle

Malachy and Rose get cold feet before their upcoming wedding.

A Doyle is a Girl's Best Friend

A girl that Jake has a one night stand with turns up dead. Jake vows to find the killer and clear his name.

Phonse Tibbo

A middle-man/petty crook that Jake and Malachy need to track down in the course of their investigation. (co-credit for this character goes to Chinafax)