Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To Doyle or not to Doyle

Malachy and Rose get cold feet before their upcoming wedding.


whitenoise said...

Doyle it Back a Little:

Doyle decides to keep his shirt on for an entire episode.

A Doyle Divided:

Doyle can't stand Alan Doyle's theme song, and schemes to have an "Oh Yeah!" dance mix made to improve ratings.

A Doyle on Both your Houses:

The cast is stricken with swine flu, and Doyle decides he must go to med school to save them.

The Great Doyle of 1892:

Doyle must go back in time to prevent the Great Fire. The fire breaks out anyway threatening to engulf his time machine, potentially trapping him in 1892. Doyle doesn't care, because he gets to take his shirt off in the fire fight.

A Clockwork Doyle:

Doyle must deal with "Gazebo Unit." A crowd of ultraviolent youths from Airport Heights. Doyle joins Metrobus on strike, claiming that his contract stipulates the show is only to be shot in: "the pretty part of town."

That's almost an entire season right there.


Cameron said...

You beat me to the accepting contributions aspect of this whole thing.

Do you mind if I throw them up with attribution?

Cameron said...

I want to encourage others to also provide suggestions and then let me post them here.

pjnhogan said...

Yes, throw em on there...