Thursday, October 27, 2011


Jake, in an attempt to raise money quickly and get Tinny and Des out of the office, opens a store front location in the Mall. The signage soon on display promises that cases, some exceptions to apply, will be solved in an hour.

It soon becomes apparent that Tinny and Des don't have the chops to speed solve drop-in cases. Fortunately, this hardly matters as within a day or two most potential customers have already left the storefront office dissatisfied.

It doesn't take long for Tinny and Des to realize that the whole set up was really just a ploy by Jake and Mal to get them out of the office for a few days. Soon they realize that the nature of this ploy is really what they need to be investigating, not the cases from non-existant walk-in customers.

As Tinny and Des get closer to understanding the reason for Jake and Mal's mysterious behaviour Jake shuts down the Mall operation and brings everyone back to the main office. All of a sudden Tinny and Des lose the motivation to bring the case to a proper conclusion and thing stay unresolved, or do they...