Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random Doyle

Jake visits his sick grandmother, because he's that kind of guy, and learns about the Doyle family history. Jake is shocked to find out most of his ancestors were rogues and thieves, who only came to Newfoundland to escape English justice in Ireland (a form of justice known for it's injustice).

Much to Malacky's chagrin, Jake opens up cases on all his ancestors in a bid to either clear their names or disown them for being criminals. Jake finally accepts the truth when he visits the old homestead, and finds drawings and diagrams of all his ancestor's crimes on the walls as plain as day. The evidence shows that his ancestors managed to steal from the French, the Beothuk, the English, the Micmac, the Inuit, the Spanish, the Portuguese, the Presbyterians, the Moravians, the Anglicans, the Methodists, the Salvation Army crowd, the American servicemen, and a total of 24 Doyles killed 26 people in drunken brawls. Will Jake's family history push him to the wrong side of the law? Only audience testing will know.


jlye said...

You're on some tear tonight!

peadarhogan said...

I'm channelling my inner Doyle!