Sunday, February 13, 2011

Doyle Harder

In the long awaited follow up to Doyle Hard, Jake, against his father's advice, again goes to visit Nikki and her new husband.

This time Jake is to meet the neurotic couple at Pearson Airport. The plan is that they will take Nikki's husband's small plane to a Georgian Bay cabin for a weekend away.

Jake, while waiting for the couple to arrive, uncovers a terrorist plot to destroy the CN Tower. Immediately he springs into action and single-handedly takes out all three dozen military-trained terrorists. Little does he know that his exploits are being covered live by the national news network.

After defeating the terrorists, though he took a few punches to the face and a bullet or two, Jake manages to patch himself up enough to go meet up with Nikki and her husband so that they can go on their trip.

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