Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bonnie and Doyle

While working undercover as a bandit, Jake meets notorious outlaw Jane Dunn. They agree to go on a crime spree, and then take off for the mainland via Labrador. Their crime spree takes them up the Great Northern Peninsula, which means they mostly just drive, but Jake acts so crazy it seems as though he's set on becoming a criminal. Jake falls hard for Jane, and commits a number of robberies to impress her.

While waiting for the ferry to Labrador, they decide to have a picnic at the Lanse Aux Meadows site. Viking reenactors recognize Jane Dunn from her wanted posters, and cut her down with their broad swords and pointy helmets. However, they are mesmerized by Jake's good looks, and he manages to convince them he is a PI. Jake goes into deep mourning for Jane for a good 3 minutes before meeting a saucy young Viking reenactor, and they manage to sneak away for a bit of grassing.


Cameron said...

I really feel that gulching would have been more appropriate in this context.

peadarhogan said...

It was a tough call, but having been to the Lanse aux Meadows site, I went with grassing. It's really beautiful there.