Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Doyle Talk Pretty One Day

Jake, after years of less than perfect diction and a tendency to overuse slang, decides to go a speech language pathologist for help. Not only does Jake immediately develop a crush for his oral skills instructor, but he also learns that her landlord is something of a slumlord.

In an attempt to impress this woman Jake decides to go on a one man crusade against this slumlord. Not surprisingly, Jake brings all of his private detecting skills to the table. He even goes so far as to send Des and Tinny undercover to investigate the conditions of a few of this guy's apartments.

Mal can't believe what an incredible waste of time this all is. The Doyle's are private detectives not social justice crusaders.

Of course, after the case wraps up and the slumlord is brought to justice, the speech language pathologist tells Jake that she could never be with someone who didn't come by perfect diction naturally. She is surprised to learn that he actually thought he had a shot with her. Fortunately for Jake, Leslie and the hot crown prosecutor are still hanging around somewhere in the background.

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jlye said...

I wonder what David Sedaris would think of all of this?