Sunday, February 27, 2011

True Doyle

While working on a case Jake is kidnapped and given a truth serum. Shortly after the serum is administered and the needed information given up Jake is released in a cow field in the Goulds.

Amazingly, the serum seems not to be wearing off - meaning that Jake can't tell a lie. Not surprisingly this state of affairs proves problematic (and humorous) in the private detecting business and causes Jake to botch a big case for the Doyles. But where it really impacts Jake's life is in the realm of lust. How is he supposed to play both Leslie and the hot crown prosecutor if he can't lie to one or both of them? What if one of them asks him if he loves them? Finally, Jake is forced to admit who he loves the most. The answer, not surprisingly, is himself (Nikki turns out to be in second place).

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