Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Kilbride Three

The Kilbride Three are three notorious criminals, Bruce Tobin, his brother Billy Tobin, and Brad Abbott, who are actually from Shea Heights, but commit their crimes in Kilbride, commuting faithfully every Saturday night by ATV to hold up one of the three gas stations in the Kilbride area for black horse, smokes and scratch tickets (Billy also like a bit of beef Jerky, and Brad likes to ask for a soft serve, and hit on the lady working the counter).

After each hold up, they gun 'er over to one of the local cemeteries and get drunk and eat beef jerky. Everybody knows it's them, and they are wonderfully predictable, yet no one has managed to catch them until a young Nora Saunders cuts her teeth on the case. See: Remington Doyle

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