Sunday, February 13, 2011

Doyle it Down, will ya?

In the long awaited follow up to Doyle it Back a Little, Jake decides that their PI business needs a website because, "everybody gets stuff off the Google these days."

Malacky is dismayed by the website with it's display of topless photos of Jake to "boost the lady clientele." Jake spends days at home in his underwear working on the website, and in his absence crime spikes across the city. The website drives business away (except for lady callers with no crimes to report), until Des hacks the site to show Jake the security flaws. Jake learns he doesn't like the information superhighway, and would rather go down "hot cop road."


peadarhogan said...

I've added a helpful new tag.

Cameron said...

It was pointed out to me earlier today.

peadarhogan said...

It almost goes without saying, but it's helpful for the premises that have extra large plot holes (ie. how does Jake go from not knowing the difference between google and the internet to making his own webpage in such a short time span? The same way he got through med school in half an episode)