Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Doyle of Unrequited Dreams

After working on a case for a distasteful client Jake falls into an existential funk. Jake starts to wonder if private detecting is really a worthwhile use of one's life? He fears that when he looks back on his life as an old man he will feel as though he hasn't really accomplished much.

Nonetheless, Jake is still a private detective with new cases coming in every day.

A few days after Jake falls into this funk a series of cryptic clues are mailed to the Doyle office. Slowing Jake and Mal start to realize that someone has been kidnapped and that they need to find the missing person. Interestingly, they don't know if the clues are being sent by a taunting kidnapper or a witness afraid to come forward.

After finding the missing woman and that that the clues were being sent by the police-averse father, Jake realizes that private detecting is important and can make a difference in people's lives. Jake's sense of self-worth is revitalized, as is his ability to be St. John's biggest babe magnet.

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