Saturday, February 19, 2011

In the Name of the Doyle

An old collar of Mal's gets out of jail and decides to exact revenge the only way he can afford - with a brutal fist-based beating. While Mal is in the hospital Jake and Christian promise to find the culprit and exact revenge.

In something of a role reversal, Des and Tinny have to try to talk Jake and Christian out of making such a horrible life choice. As Des and Tinny are fairly unpersuasive they decide that the only thing that will work is if they solve the case and then destroy all of the clues that will lead to the real culprit.

After running up against dead end after dead end Jake and Christian realize that they are unlikely to find the assailant. Furthermore, Mal seems to be getting better, actually his new hip may mean that he is more indestructible than before.

Only when Des and Tinny are convinced that Jake and Christian have gotten the blood lust out of their system do they provide Leslie with the evidence needed to arrest the culprit. Jake is pretty pissed, but he also realizes that the young'uns did him something of a favour. How would he romance the ladies from inside HMP?

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