Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Twas the Doyle Before Christmas

A few days before Christmast the members of the Doyle PI gang gather and select their Secret Santa gift recipient.

Mal and Rose rig the name draw so that they get each other but they leave the remaining draws to chance.  Jake ends up with Des. Des ends up with Tinny.  Tinny ends up with Walter.  Walter ends up with Christian.  Christian ends up with Jake.  Leslie and Alison get each other.

Of course not only does everyone fret about what to buy, but Jake can't handle the surprise and decides to deduce everyone's recipient before the gifts are exchanged.

Though Jake isn't able to figure who everyone's Secret Santa is his investigation does cause some tension in the family as the challenges of gift giving are brought to everyone's attention.

Fortunately for Jake, the episode resolves itself with a touching scene in the family living room where the Secret Santas are revealed and it becomes clear that everyone really did know what to get their recipients for Christmas.  They clue up the evening by standing around the living room singing Christmas carols and sending out good vibes.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sherlock Doyle: A Game of Doyles

After an unsuccessful Canada-wide search for a worthy nemesis Moriarty returns to St. John's to taunt Jake and Mal with a masterful criminal caper. Of course it takes Jake and Mal a few weeks to figure out that St. John's recent crimes are all pointing in one master criminal's direction.

Once Jake and Mal do figure out that Moriarty is back on the scene they follow a set of clues, though they are mostly impenetrable to the audience, that eventually leads them to the dam at Churchill Falls. A tussle ensues and Jake ends of going over the side of the dam.

 Meanwhile Christian stayed back and Leslie, or whomever happens to be Jake's ladyfriend of the week, and deconstructed a number of Moriarty's more profitable black market ventures. Jake being Jake shows in the episode's final scene to prove that he wasn't completely bested by the ever wily Moriarty.

A Doyleful of Quarters

Someone has stolen Jake's cellphone so he has to solve the case of his missing phone by using nothing but payphones and quarters.