Friday, February 4, 2011

Eat, Pray, Doyle

After his recent divorce from Nikki and failed relationship attempts with Leslie and the hottie Crown Prosecutor Jake realizes that he needs to re-group. Jake decides to take a three part spiritual quest. Jake first goes to Woody Island to get a feed of good home cooking. Then Jake goes out to Bonavista and the Ryan Premises to pray to the gods of commerce and wealth for future success. Finally, Jake takes a trip to his family's homeland - the Iles Doyle, a small, now uninhabited, archipelago off the coast of Quebec.

Only after visiting all three sites is Jake able to solve this week's mystery: Who is Jake Doyle and what does he stand for?


peadarhogan said...

So... who does he sleep with then?

Cameron said...

He goes celibate for an episode.

peadarhogan said...

Must be one of those plot twists at the end ya don't see coming, and yer like..."woah."