Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Doyle on the Ice, Part 1

The Doyles investigate cases of harassment by activists during the annual seal hunt. Jake goes out on the ice to track down the activists, but the weather shifts, and Jake becomes stranded on an ice pan.

With few rations and little winter clothing, Jake wonders how he will meet any ladies on an ice pan. He chats up a few seals, but is generally rebuffed. Finally Jake's pan crosses paths with a pan holding another lost soul, sexy activist Margo Huntington-Smith, who sweet talks jake before knocking him out and stealing his leather jacket. Jake wakes up not remembering much, and wondering if he "scored."

Jake, realizing he is in real trouble, kills a large seal, and climbs inside the carcass to keep warm, where he falls asleep. When Jake wakes up, he is on a conveyor belt moving towards the terrifying seal skinning machine.

Is this the end of Doyle the PI and the start of Doyle the old lady's seal coat?

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