Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Doyle it to the Ground

Jake goes to a Conference in Montreal for "crime fighters." Jake becomes embarrassed when mainlanders make fun of his accent, and spends the rest of the episode speaking in a newscaster's dialect. Executives of the new "Fox news North" overhear Jake's perfect english, and hire him to be their lead anchor.

Jake's first broadcast starts out smoothly, but as he realizes that the news is all made up, he gets nervous and the Newfoundland accent starts coming out. As Jake uses more Newfoundland English, the Fox people get very upset, and Bill O'Reilly interrupts the broadcast to tear into Jake, who head butts O'Reilly and takes off.

The regular Fox News in the States begins reporting that the US invasion of Newfoundland is imminent, and Paul McCartney is interviewed to show the world the inhumanity of Newfoundlanders.

Jake heads back home hoping his new media connections will get him a date with Lynn Burry.

Meanwhile, polls show that while nobody knows what Newfoundland did to who, or where it is, it should be attacked immediately. American military forces begin to embark on "Operation Doyle it to the Ground." Will America attack Newfoundland? Will Jake go down hot newscaster road? Will the O'Reilly/Doyle video go viral?

Watch next week, and maybe we'll get back to it (we also have an episode where Tinny throws up on Des, so we might go with that instead).

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