Sunday, March 27, 2011

Book Doyle

After a number of dealings with the mayor's office and various components of the justice system Jake decides that it is probably about time that he heads to the library to really figure out how a number of these things work. And, as luck would have it, Jake happens into Cecil Noseworthy as he enters the library.

With Cecil's help Jake is able to learn all kinds of things about the way that government works in Newfoundland. For instance, it seems, much to Jake's surprise, that the Mayor isn't actually in charge of the RNC and doesn't have the ability to single-handedly appoint law enforcement task forces. Even more surprising to Jake is the fact that provincial court judges aren't actually appointed to head secret inquiries into allegations of corruption at City Hall.

On his way out of the library Jake spots a poster outlining some hacking basics. It doesn't take long for Jake to realize that what Rose has been claiming as hacking skills aren't really hacking skills at all - they are just psychic powers of intuition that help further a case. Jake starts to wonder why Rose has been hiding this ability all along.

No crimes, but plenty of mysteries, are solved in this episode.

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