Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Doyle of the Baskervilles

After seeing a glowing trike drive through the wilds of da Goulds a number of concerned citizens approach the Doyles with the case.  The Gouldians are worried about the safety of their kids as they head out for a nice summertime game of Spotlight with the haunted trike on the go.

Though he's had his run a few of them b'ys from the Goulds, for the sake of the children Jake convinces Mal that they should look into this strange and mechanized haunting.

Though their first investigative gambit, to slip Des and Tinny in as local spotlight playing youths, fails after some digging the Doyles discover that a local developer is trying to convert the now haunted land into St. John's newest subdivision, the rather haughtily named The Baskervilles.  After a night staking out the relevant land the Doyles learn that the the glowing old reconditioned trike is being driven by the developer's son and that the 'haunting' was to try to encourage the locals to sell their land at cheaper rates to allow them more profit.  When the news hits the paper the whole deal falls apart and the Doyles have a party thrown in their honour at the local community centre.

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Jeannette Lye said...

This makes too much sense.