Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Girl with the Doyle Tattoo

Jake wants to sexy up the GTO to his level. After adding the neon lights under the chassis, the chain link borders on the license plates, and a couple of sweet "no fear" decals, he finds the GTO still in need of a special touch. Jake blows the season 3 budget on getting the rear-end extended and fitted with a custom hot-tub for all the ladies.

Finally satisfied that the GTO is now a beast, Jake takes it for a spin, and is happy to discover that every time he stops or turns suddenly, water pours into the front, soaking his shirt. An impromptu car chase ensues with a randomly chosen car. Jake then heads over to the Tim's under the 'stab headquarters, so the hot cop can be distracted by his abs as he takes a soak in the parking lot.

All is going according to plan, and even though the hot cop hasn't shown up for a double double, Jake has managed to snag a few soccer moms into the tub. Things suddenly turn nasty when the Tim's staff attempt to kick Jake out for eating a slice of Stogger's pizza in their parking lot without purchasing anything from Tim's. Jake has no money after the expense of the tub, and is in a bind, until the hot cop shows up to save the day. She then climbs in the tub, and removes her shirt to reveal a new tattoo of Jake's abs.

How crowded will the GTO tub get? Is the hot cop's tattoo too much commitment for Jake? Will Jake eventually become a human raisin? Jake takes off to see if he can get a non-meter spot outside the hot lawyer's office, and plans how to blow season 4's budget: the full body anti-raisin procedure all the Holywood types get done.

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