Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Speech from the Doyle

In his annual televised address to the criminals and law-abiders of Newfoundland Jake Doyle outlined his PI agency's plans for the coming year's crime fighting agenda.  Though he warned of a reduced budget, Jake promised increased crime-fighting through various efficiencies, particularly the adoption of a paper-free-workplace policy.  Jake also promised that, through attrition, he would reduce the size of his staff and facilitate the creation of the most efficient and effective crime-fighting PI agency the province has ever seen.  Of course, Jake also promised transparency and accountability as well as to continue to work on his abs and continue to drive his GTO (w)recklessly through the streets of St. John's.

Are the criminals really scared by these changes? Is the new page-a-day Jake Doyle abs calendar really going to be the revenue generator Jake thinks it will be?  Will Mal figure out that he is the one being talked about when Jake uses the word 'attrition'?

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