Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fish, Food, and Allied Doyles

Jake isn't content with his working conditions.  Mal's satisfied with nothing less than a 90 hour week and a swamping out of the head every second day, and that hardly leaves Jake any time to woo the ladies of St. John's.

Jake scopes out Tinny and Des's opinions on their working conditions and find that they are similarly dissatisfied.  Much to Jake's surprise, he even finds that Rose is less than happing with her job security and constantly changing schedule.

When it's finally put to a vote Jake is successful in creating the first PI-based union in the province.  Of course Mal's some rotted with his family when he learns that he will now have to negotiate with shop steward Jake before assigning tasks or changing the schedule.

Though the union is able to renegotiate Jake's contract he soon finds that while he no longer working 90 hours a week as a PI, he is making up for any reduction in paid work with union work based on complaints from his co-workers about working conditions.

Fortunately for Jake, one of the union liaisons assign to his local just happens to be a very attractive woman with a soft spot for chiseled abs.

Sadly, because the episode requires a fair bit of exposition about labour law it ends before we find out if Jake is successful in his latest conquest.

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