Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Doyle Wears Prada

Jake senses that something must be up when, all of a sudden, Tinny starts sport a new Prada wardrobe.  Jake wonders how this part-time PI's assistant can afford these new threads, or even find this season's Prada offerings in St. John's?

Hoping not to worry Mal and Rose that something illegal may be up with their judgment impaired granddaughter, Jake decides to take on the investigation pro bono with only Walter's help.

Using his high lawyer's salary as a front, Jake sends Walter to every high-end clothing store Tinny enters. While pretending to shop Walter is actually secretly spying on Tinny and watching what she does with the clothes.

It doesn't take Jake long to figure out that Tinny hasn't come into money, but that she is just being Tinny and stealing the clothes by putting them on under he clothes.

After the threat of a beating, Tinny agrees to return all of her stolen merch.  She and Jake leave a garbage bag full of clothing on the front steps of the store in the middle of the night and then drive away in the GTO to talk about life choices and not getting caught.

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