Friday, March 2, 2012

The Doyle's New Clothes

Fearing his sense of style may is a bit outdated Jake heads to Tinny for some up-to-date fashion advice.  Tinny agrees to help Jake immediately, maybe even a little too fast.

Soon enough Jake is decked out in a wide array of thrift store 'finds' which Tinny assures him are what all the kids are wearing these days.  She is particularly emphatic that he has to wear at least a wolf print sweatshirt or free beer shirt each day if he is to fit in.

Mal and Rose are immediately horrified by Jake's change of attire (and they can't help but wonder where the $300 leather jacket they recently purchased him has gone).  Mal is worried what this unprofessional attire might do to client retention (this is a little strange as he doesn't seem to mind that Jake sleeps with all of the female clients).

Des and Walter are encouraged to use their positions of trust with Jake to get to the bottom of the Jake's new Ke$ha influenced garbage-chic look.

Though Des soon figures out that Tinny is behind this practical fashion joke his misplaced affection convinces him that he should cover for her and that all will be right with the world if she just helps Jake get back to something approximating his old sense of style, even if it is a little 1994.

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