Sunday, October 27, 2013


All of a sudden Jake's regular men's bowling league team kicks him off of the roster.  None of the remaining team members are willing to explain why, after years of membership, they're kicking him off of the team.  Jake isn't content with this non-answer.

Immediately, with Des and Tinny's help, Jake sets up round-the-clock surveillance on the remaining three team members.  Jake then gets Rose to tap their cell phones so he can listen in on all of their calls.

After a solid week and a half of top notch private detecting and NSA-level phone surveillance, Jake realizes that his teammates finally figured out that he'd long been sleeping with all of their wives.  Most amazing, at least in Jake's eyes, is that none of the hot wives came his way for emotional support (read 'a good rogering') during this time of marital turmoil.

Meanwhile, Mal's in the hospital with something or other.  The bowling drama was far to exciting for Jake to pay attention to the deteriorating health of his only father.

During all of this Doyle family drama Leslie frigged up some case or another through both sheer incompetence and because she's a poor judge of character.

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