Sunday, January 13, 2013

Any Given Doyle

While down at the Duke one night a drunk Jake runs into John Murphy, of the infamous Murphy private detecting clan who are best known for the dubious and vicious tactics.  When challenged to a detecting challenge by Murphy, Jake, so confident in the abilities of his Doyles, offers any member of his family to go head-to-head with any member of the Murphy clan.

After some quick surveiling of the Doyles Murphy decides that he will represent the Murphy clan and that Tinny will  be the Doyle representative.  As soon as a new case comes in they'll be off to the races.

Not surprisingly, because it's basically all private detecting is these days, the next case to come in is a simple insurance company surveillance case.  Murphy, with his years of experience and practice in the art of bladder control finds the task easy.  Tinny immediately gulps down a few double-doubles and soon finds that she's about to burst, a state of affairs that draws her away from the surveillance mission at the critical juncture.

Of course, though the outcome of this detect-off will result in a black mark on the Doyles' reputation, even they were kind of expecting such an outcome as soon as Tinny was chosen as their representative.  Was there ever even a half-reasonable chance that she wouldn't Tinny it up?

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