Friday, April 4, 2014

Season of the Doyle

Mal's career, which is about as old and tired as Madonna's, is at something of a standstill.  Despite Rose's demands that he "just grow a pair and get back to work," Mal decides to follow the singer into the study of ancient art of Kabbalah with hopes of reinvigorating his quickly deteriorating detecting sense.

Before long, Mal's obsessed with the number 6 - though he can't figure out why.

2 wives x 3 children = 6

6x6=36 (and look at that - another 6)

approximately 13x6 = approximately 78 (which is about how old Mal thinks his body feels now that he's started to think about it)

6, when flipped upside down, is similar to 9, which is his favourite number.

After a very tedious weekend for the entire Doyle clan as Mal works his numerology magic on 6 Jake invites Mal out for a few pints at the Duke.  Mal gets so drunk he forgets the hole '6 thing.'

By early Monday afternoon the only thing Mal can think about is his incredible hangover (he doesn't even notice that it took him only 6 pints to get there).

For better or worse, the six mystery goes unsolved.

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